Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

These terms of sale and all subsequent versions are freely available to everybody on the seller’s
internet site www.dwreusables.com Placing an order invokes the purchaser’s complete and
unconditional acceptance of these terms of sale. They take precedence over those appearing in the
purchaser’s documents and, in the absence of express seller’s acceptance, any contrary conditions
set by the purchaser are incontestable to the seller.

Should one of these clauses be nullified, the other clauses remain valid.

2.1 Any order is analysed as a promise to purchase. Orders become firm when the seller has
confirmed them in writing.

2.2 Any modification or cancellation of an order requested by the purchaser can only possibly be
taken into consideration if it is given in writing at least 48 hours before the manufacturing of the
goods. In case of modification of an order by the purchaser, the seller will be untied of the agreed
initial deadlines. If the seller does not accept the modification or cancellation, any deposits paid will
not be refunded.

3.1 Terms. Unless otherwise indicated on the order, delivery is considered to have been made from
the moment the goods are made available on the seller’s premises. If their collection is the
purchaser’s responsibility, failure to collect the goods leads to the seller taking the necessary steps
to store the goods at the purchaser’s expense, or proceeding with delivery after official notification
for removal of the goods. The additional expenses as a result of this, will be charged by the seller to
the purchaser.

3.2 Deadlines. Delivery deadlines are indicative unless a firm and imperative date has been agreed
between the seller and the purchaser. In this case only, the purchaser can cancel the order for
failure to respect dispatch deadlines, after official notification and excluding any right to
compensation, penalty or order’s cancellation.

4.1. The goods travel at the purchaser’s risk. In the event of damage or loss, it is up to the addressee
to make any reserves to the carrier, and to confirmed them in writing to the seller within 48 hours of
delivery or of their noting in case of non-visible defects. Failing that, the delivered goods will be
considered accepted by the purchaser.

4.2. No action for non-conformity could be taken by the purchaser more than 30 days after the
delivery of the goods.

5.1 Price. Industrial manufactures being specifics to each order, prices and potential reduction are
fixed on estimate. Prices appearing on the seller’s acknowledgements of receipt may be modified.
Any tax or duty or other payment to be made with respect to the application of Belgian regulations
of those of an importing or transit country, are to be borne by the purchaser.

5.2 Terms of payment. Unless otherwise indicated on the invoices, these are payable cash on
reception and with no discount.

If there is a discount, it will be deducted from the seller’s taxable turnover, the amount of taxes to
be recovered by the purchaser must be reduced by the amount of tax imputable to the discount.

5.3 Delay in payment or failure to pay. In the event of a delay in payment, the seller may suspend all
current orders, without prejudice to any other type of action. Any sums unpaid on the due date
given on the invoice will lead, ipso-jure and without any prior notice is required, from the due date
till the date of effective payment, the application of an interest of deferred payment equal to what is
foreseen in the law of August 2, 2002 on late payments in relation to business transactions. In
addition, a fixed amount of damages equal to 10% of the outstanding amounts, will be payable by
the purchaser to the seller. These penalties will be payable on reception of a notification informing
the customer of the exact amount of which he will be debt.

In the event of failure to pay, forty eight hours after official notification has remained without
response, the sale will be cancelled ipso jure, should the seller so wish, without prejudice to any
other claims for damages.

When the payment is in installments, failure to pay an installment will lead to an immediate demand
for payment of the whole debts, without official notification.

When delivery is split into several deliveries, failure to pay for a delivery gives the seller the right to
suspend future deliveries, without official notification.

5.4 Guarantee requirements. The seller reserves the right to request specific guarantees in the event
of delayed payment or risk of insolvency (in particular advance payment, bank guarantee,
statements of protest, liens or collateral taken out on the purchaser).

The purchaser’s refusal to provide the requested guarantees may invoke the right to claim the goods
under the conditions envisaged in the retention of ownership clause stipulated in art. 6.1. Current
orders not yet delivered will be cancelled ipso jure, because of the customer’s action and exclusively
due to his fault. The customer will then be required to pay a cancellation fee equal to the value of
the goods not yet delivered.

5.5. Right of pledge. The purchaser expressly acknowledges the seller a contractual right of pledge
carrying a lien and right of priority on all goods and documents in the possession of the seller, as a
guarantee of total receivables (invoices, interest, expenses, etc …) that the seller has against the

5.6. The penalty clauses appearing on the purchaser’s commercial documents, as invoicing of lump
penalties for delay or quality default, are non-opposable to the seller.

6.1 Retention of ownership. The seller reserves the right to ownership of the goods delivered by him
until payment of the price has been made in full and in the event of the issue of cheques or bills of
exchange, until they have been cashed. During the period of retention of ownership, the risks having
been transferred to the purchaser once the goods are made available on the seller’s premises, the
purchaser must insure the goods against any risk of damage. The insurance policies will include
details of the seller’s quality as owner. The goods in stock at the purchaser’s premises are presumed
to be those which are unpaid unless otherwise stipulated.

In the event of non-payment (total or partial) of the price on the due date, the seller may request
the return of all goods not yet fully paid for, including those normally payable at a later date, ipso
jure and without formality. This return, made at the purchaser’s expense and risk is not accepted as
equivalent to cancelling the sale. In the event of processing of the goods without material
contribution, the modifications made to the goods will be supposed to have been carried out on
behalf of the seller. In the event of incorporation of new material in the goods delivered, the seller
will be co-owner of the goods for their initial value.

It is explicitly agreed between the parties that all goods belonging to the purchaser, which are
situated in the seller’s warehouses, are given in pledge to the seller by the purchaser as a guarantee
for the payment of all amounts due, including the amounts due for goods already shipped to the
purchaser but not yet paid.

6.2 Subrogation of debt. The purchaser is authorised to resell the goods delivered, in the course of
his normal business. However, he then transfers to the seller all debts in his favour originating from
resale to the third party purchaser (taker). The purchaser is authorised to recover his debts, even
after transfer, without affecting the seller’s right to recover his debts himself. However, the seller
agrees not to recover the debts if the purchaser meets his payment obligations correctly. The seller
may require the purchaser to keep him informed about the debts transferred to him and provide the
names of debtors and all information necessary for recovery and that he supply the relevant
documents and inform the debtors of the transfer.

When the goods delivered are resold with other goods which do not belong to the seller, or after
processing, the purchaser’s debt against the third party purchaser is held to be transferred for the
price agreed between the seller and the purchaser. No dispensation can be accorded by the seller
without proof of the purchaser’s notification to the debtors of his subrogation to the seller for the
amounts due.

7.1. The seller takes the greatest care in the production, packing and delivery of the products.
However, in the event of delay or manufacturing defects, duly recognised by the seller and except in
respect of death or personal injury resulting from negligence, his obligation will be limited to the
reparation of direct damage only and to replacing the defective quantities, including for the case of
legal guarantee for hidden defects. In any case, the seller’s liability shall exclude any loss of profit
and any indirect or consequential loss or damage whatsoever. The purchaser’s claim does not
suspend the obligation of payment of the concerned goods.

7.2 The seller declines to accept any responsibility, particularly with respect to the content and
veracity of information printed at the customer’s request about the seller’s products.

The seller reserves the possibility of having the product and its technical specifications evolving
while preserving its performances. This lies within the scope of European Union’s Directives related
to the taking into account of environmental requirements in the design and the manufacture of

No offer, gift or payment, consideration or benefit of any kind, which constitutes an illegal or corrupt
practice, has or will be made to anyone, either directly or indirectly, as an inducement or reward for
the award or execution of a contract. Any such practice will be grounds for terminating the contract
or taking any other corrective action as appropriate.

In accordance with the law of 08.12.1992 relating to private life defense, the purchaser has the right
to access and rectify named information concerning himself.

In the event of failure to reach a friendly settlement, any litigation will fall within the competence of
the courts of Tongeren, which have sole jurisdiction, even in the event of a guarantee appeal or
multiplicity of defendants.

The applicable law is Belgium law.