Minimize Environmental Impact

Reusable packaging systems play an important role in reducing the environmental impact of supply chains, offering users a long, useful life of their packaging and a truly circular model. An independent study* shows that our loop ready crate solution Fillbee outperforms single-use packaging on several sustainability criteria, in combination with reusable bottles.

* Executed by the Copernicus Institute for Sustainable Development, Utrecht.

Reduce Environmental Impact With Reusable Packaging

Reusable packaging reduces the environmental impact of supply chains in a variety of ways:

Less solid waste

The long life of a single reusable packaging item eliminates hundreds of single-use packiging items from entering the landfill, reducing solid waste by up to 86%.

Lower CO2 emissions

Reusable packaging eliminates the need to recycle or remanufacture single-use packaging, reducing CO2 (greenhouse gas) emissions by up to 60%.

Lower energy consumption

The energy used to manufacture reusable packaging items is up to 64% lower than is required to manufacture and recycle the single-use packaging items they replace.

Lower water consumption

Single-use packaging systems use up to 80% more water during their lifecycle than reusable packaging , due to heavy water use during production, recycling, and disposal.

Lower product waste

The superior product protection offered by reusable packaging results in lower product damage and waste - especially for perishables.

Materials recovery and reuse

Reusable models are truly circular, recovering packaging at the end of its useful life so that materials can be recycled and used to produce new reusable packaging.

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We executed an LCA study on our Fillbee to compare the carbon footprint of single-use packaging with loop ready crates. Reusable crates performed much better, even when used with one-way bottles. You can download this study for FREE below. Would you like further information on our crate solutions for craft brewers, please use our contact form and send us your request with your contact details.