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The impact of climate change has become undeniable. Recent studies indicate that the beverage packaging industry is accountable for a significant share of litter, thrown away by consumers every year. Therefore, more countries in Europe will be implementing deposit return schemes (DRS) by 2022/23. Aluminium cans, glass & PET bottles will be charged with a deposit. The aim is to reduce litter and to recycle a maximum of single-use drink containers, thus reducing CO2 emissions.

Many (craft) brewers are aware of these effects and are implementing solutions to make their business more sustainable. Using loop ready crate solutions is one of many actions that craft brewers can take to reduce their carbon footprint. Using bottle crates also has benefits for your business. Discover the 6 advantages of using reusable beer crates in your supply chain.

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Loop ready crate solutions for craft brewers

DW Reusables offers both standardised and personalised bottle crate solutions. We offer bottle crates for different bottle sizes such as Steinie, Apollo, 500 ml bottles, etc.. You can find some of our solutions in our webshop or on this website. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Please get in touch with us and we can help you find the right solution.


"When it comes to sustainability, we take our responsibility. We challenge ourselves and dare to experiment. DW Reusables was the ideal partner to achieve this."

Jaap Sühre, Marketing Manager of Kornuit
Discover Fillbee, our newest beer crate solution

This returnable 6-pack fits in an existing bottle crate or can be used stacked on a pallet. With this shelf-ready packaging, reusable bottles (longneck, fillbee) can last up to 50 return trips, eliminating packaging waste completely.

Beverage crates are the ideal tool for safe transport of reusable glass bottles and they are a perfect example of a closed loop system. Bottle crates go hand in hand with one-way 6-packs. DW Reusables introduced the perfect solution for replacing one-way packs by a 100 % reusable solution: Fillbee, a Zero Waste reusable pack. More info on our website.

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