About us

DW Reusables has been offering loop ready packaging solutions for more than 50 years in Europe. Our crates are made of HDPE, have a longevity of up to 30 years and can be recycled over and over again. Craft brewers who are looking for ways to make their business more sustainable can choose between 5 standard crate solutions: Fillbee Crate, Fillbee 6-pack, Alevin, The King, or Bernstein. Using crates (in combination with recyclable/reusable bottles) has 4 advantages:

They are a sustainable packaging solution
They reduce your waste and handling costs
They make logistics more efficient for both clients and customers.
Using crates improves your brand visibility at selling-points and creates customer-loyalty.

For volume orders below 1,600 crates you can purchase one of our standard black crate solutions. If you need bigger volumes, we can personalise your crates thanks to in-mould labels or screen printing. We also offer different colour solutions. For enquiries about personalised crates, please contact our customer service.